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Fun ABC Kawai Star Wars Characters Geeky face mask 100% cotton fabric & flannel handmade washable starwars 5 sizes- 2 kids 3 adults usa

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Product Description

Need a washable face mask for allergies, dust, cleaning, or for protection while shopping or other activities? You may as well let your geek flag fly while protecting yourself!
Made from 100% cotton flannel on both sides these masks are safe for you to wear, wash, and iron. Unlike most masks I have some metal wire at the nose area so you can form it closely to your face. Please take the time to custom fit your mask when it arrives. If the elastic is feeling way too loose just give it a twist before putting it over your ears.
Mask sizes:
Small Child is for ages 3-6 years old and the fabric is 7 inches long & 4.33 inches tall AT THE NOSE
Child is for ages 7-12 (both sexes) and the fabric is 8 inches long & 4.75 inches tall AT THE NOSE
WOMAN (fits most women) & Young teens (13-15 yrs old or until the GUYS reach their mature face size- which can be early for some.) 9 inches long & 5 inches TALL AT THE NOSE
MAN (ladies get this size if you have a robust face) 9.5 inches long & 5.25 inches TALL AT THE NOSE
ROBUST MAN or Large BEARD Guys with a large beard also should ask for a larger mask.

If you have a robust face please order 1 size (or more) up. For robust men leave a note.

For home use- order the masks with elastic. For medical order with fabric ties.
PLEASE INDICATE WHICH YOU WOULD LIKE IN THE BUYERS MESSAGE BOX! If you forget to write it in you will get elastic.

IF YOU NEED A FILTER POCKET leave me a note in the sellers box

I have been in self isolation since March 12 so no virus here!

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Fun ABC Kawai Star Wars Characters Geeky face mask 100% cotton fabric & flannel Fun ABC Kawai Star Wars Characters Geeky face mask 100% cotton fabric & flannel Fun ABC Kawai Star Wars Characters Geeky face mask 100% cotton fabric & flannel

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