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hand painted wood bird brooch or pin

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Product Description

Enjoy the beauty of a handcrafted, painted wooden pin.
THIS brooch is a painted rose-breasted grosbeak sitting on a branch with a red berry. It is on a yellow background. The entire brooch is dusted lightly with glitter and has several coats of varnish.
My PINS or BROOCHES are handcrafted with tarnish & wear resistant metals and wooden bases.
My brooches and pins wear VERY WELL and survive harsh conditions. I have a tendency to forget to remove pins from my shirts and they run through the laundry- I wouldn’t recommended it!
BROOCHES measures about 1 ½ in diameter.
Please visit me at www.enchantedcraft.weebly.com
YOU will NEVER see ANYONE wearing the same brooch as the one you are looking at today.
I MAIL through the US POST OFFICE and small items are sent in padded envelopes to keep costs down for YOU THE BUYER.

hand painted wood bird brooch or pin hand painted wood bird brooch or pin hand painted wood bird brooch or pin

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