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Hand Painted Tribal Mask pendant

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Celebrate tribal cultures with this beautiful hand painted Tribal Mask pendant.

The base of this beautiful pendant is a 1 3/8th inch (30mm)x 1 3/8th inch (30mm) brass square. It is painted golden sand color on both sides, with its edge left a shiny brass to really highlight the painting.

The tribal mask is carefully painted in forest green, golds, amber, and white. The mask is detailed with tiny dots and lines to give that feeling of hand carving. Think of it as a mask one could see with Mayans, Indians, or Africa cultures.

THIS IS A HAND-PAINTED PENDANT- not a sticker or print.

If you are having a cultural wedding you could order these for your bridesmaids. Please remember that it is hand painted so I could never make EXACT duplicates- but they would be very similar.

Hand Painted Tribal Mask pendant Hand Painted Tribal Mask pendant Hand Painted Tribal Mask pendant Hand Painted Tribal Mask pendant

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